The mid-twentieth century brought an amazing architect to the forefront. Welton Becket's modern, clean and organized lines were sweeping the world. Becket was commissioned to design the Park Plaza shopping mall by Ted Leyhe and Alberta Kimball. He incorporated his philosophy of "total design"- controlling all aspects of the designfrom the teak floors and colored concrete to the indirect lighting and interior furnishing.

Today we look to Welton Becket for inspiration. Becket's Restaurant builds upon his philosophies and concepts, our teak booths are some of his original designs. A special homage to the man who designed hundreds of landmarks around the world including the Capitol Records building and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and was the largest architectural firm in the world.

Welcome to Becket's



Owners Mike Buckarma and Kris & Sarrah Larson, fox valley and Oshkosh natives welcome and hope to see you soon...

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